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The South Basin
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Four rope tows and a platter lift;  amazing 580 metres vertical

Length: 200m 
Slow for first timers, sunny. Close to the car park.
Length: 700m  Vertical: 210m
Moderate speed - ascending gradient. Close to the car park.
Length: 700m  Vertical: 300m
Happy Valley, Shirt Front, North Slopes
and South Slopes.
Length: 700m  Vertical: 250m
Access upper trails and the North and South Basins.

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The South Basin

The South Basin is hidden completely from the main field and is the gem of Fox Peak. Untracked powder and runs for all abilities

The North Basin
The North Basin is accessed north from the Apex tow and offers gentle sloping powder and often groomed runs. Happy Valley starts at the bottom of the North Basin.

The Shirt Front
This is a fast and exciting run, normally groomed and easily traversed for novice skiers.

Happy Valley
This trail usually offers the best quality snow for skiing and riding, especially when the sun softens the snow during crusty conditions.

The field is popular for ski tourers and hikers. Hiking up from the top of the Apex offers amazing back country conditions to either the north or the south.
Fox Peak Ski Club does not patrol this area but expects you to travel with companions, advise intentions (& report your return) take normal safety equipment (including transceivers) and avoid avalanche areas. 

The Peak Ascent
Allow 3 - 4 hours to climb.  The easiest route to the peak is via the North Basin ridge and the safest and easiest return route is via the southern side of the peak then drop into the top of the
South Basin.

Tekapo Traverse
The traverse to Tekapo Ski Field is possible but a full day trip in ideal conditions. If you attempt this crossing you must take full overnight and above snowline gear.

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